We engage a versatile team of legal practitioners in our endeavor to offer the best service to our clients, we advise clients concerning business transactions; claim liability; advisability of prosecution or defending lawsuits; legal rights and obligations and more particularly:-

  • Interpretation of laws, rulings and judgments for businesses and individuals;
  • Analysis possible outcomes of cases, using knowledge of legal precedents;
  • Evaluation of findings and development of strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases;
  • Gather evidence and formulation of defense or initiation of legal actions, by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of the case;
  • Representation of clients in court or before government agencies;
  • Presentation of evidence to defend clients or prosecution of defendants in criminal or civil litigation;
  • Study of constitution, statutes, decisions, regulations and ordinances of quasi-judicial bodies to determine ramifications of cases;
  • Preparation of legal briefs and opinions, and filing of appeals in the High Court and Court of Appeal;
  • Negotiation of settlements of legal disputes; and
  • Conferment with colleagues with specialties in appropriate areas of legal issue to establish and verify basis of legal proceedings among other tasks;