Land, Environment & Conservation Law

Land being a very critical resource in any business process, there is bound to be a need for legal services to utilize the same and in the same breath we do offer the following services:-

  • Assist clients in obtaining environmental permits, permit transfers, waivers, and variances for construction and real estate development projects;
  • Development of plans for mitigation of environmental impacts associated with resource development, as well as conservation easements in conjunction with resource extraction permits;
  • Representation of individuals and companies in access issues and land resource ownership disputes;
  • Draft standard mineral reserve and development agreements for mining companies and individual lessors;
  • Negotiate and draft transportation agreements for mineral cargos, including dock and barge fleeting agreements;
  • Counsel clients on environmental and conservational legal compliance;
  • Counsel investment groups in the acquisition and utilization of land rights and advise on royalty; and
  • Assist in due diligence investigations in connection with purchases of company holdings by clients.